Who Are We?

AHS Science Olympiad consists of Team Blue and Team Red, each composed of 15 members. Each team member competes in 3-4 events spanning STEM subjects ranging from biology to engineering. Over the past few years, our teams have worked tremendously hard, each member clocking in at over 5 hours of dedicated work per week, both throughout the season and during offseason. American Science Olympiad is currently ranked 2nd throughout the highly competetive San Francisco Bay Area regional division and this is our sixth year qualifying for the Northern California States Tournament. With more ambition, rigourous preparation from our team, and stronger leadership than ever, we hope to reach our goal of being top 3 at states this season.

Team Members

What is Science Olympiad?

Science Olympiad is a competition for middle (Division B) and high school (Division C) students featuring 23 events in many fields of science and engineering. Teams of up to 15 students work in pairs on a variety of events ranging from earth sciences to biological/ life sciences, chemistry, physics, and engineering events. One of the most unique features of Science Olympiad is that there are events for everyone — be it build or theory, one can explore their various interests through events such as Anatomy, Protein Modeling, and Wright Stuff! Competitions are held at regional, states, and national levels and invitiationals are conducted throughout the season.

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Science Olympiad is solely run on crowdfunding and sponsorships as we do not receive any financial aid from the school. Any monetary donation helps and be rest assured it will be put to good use in the form of build materials, competition fees, facility expenses, advisor stipends and more. Additionally, if you are interested in donating materials and other equipment which may benefit our team such as balsa wood and discounted food for competitions, please visit our contact us page and fill out the form attached. Click the button below to donate to AHS Science Olympiad today!


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